How to turn brands into collections and products into collectibles

Collecting is the primary economic activity in aspirational markets. Aspirational markets are based less on the production of new objects and more on connecting things, experiences and places that already exist into collections.

A collection is a narrative that drives…

From buying to collecting to ownership

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A drop is a seemingly random release of a limited-number of products with a goal of creating perception of scarcity and urgency. Drops have proven to be a successful brand-building tool, as they reliably drive word-of-mouth, FOMO, create insta-communities, and use wait lines as their advertising. Drops command for a…

After becoming synonymous with a category, Zara is investing in its brand

Go to, and there is a white page with the brand’s Studio Collection only. It’s simple, it’s confident, and it’s modern. Website homepages are not a place for brand narrative; they are shopping destinations that drive us…

Starting a brand? Read how to select a growth model, define tasks and assess opportunities and challenges

Successful brand building often starts with putting a simple memo together, which outlines: a) a desired growth model that is mapped to business ambitions of the founder/s; b) product and brand strategy to…

How having a clear internal and external focus fuels brand growth

Relevancy is every brand’s lifeline. So is creativity. Yet, both get easily lost in the everyday brand operations, business targets, and commercial planning.

Relevancy means that a brand’s customers and non-customers alike consider a brand part of the culture…

And are you taking all of them into consideration?

When thinking about who they want to reach and speak to, brands often think of their audience in terms of their current and prospective customers: people who are either buying a brand’s products or using its services or will so in…

All brands have to be socially and environmentally responsible

Sustainability, transparency, and responsible production are buzzwords that make reality.

They are tightly paired with the modern affluent consumers’ aspiration of doing good through their actions. Ace & Tate, an eyewear brand, recently published a self-critical post “Look, we f*cked up

The end of efficiency and why that may be a good thing

Collina Strada is one of the thirteen designers that Gucci featured on its new destination, GUCCI Vault. Strada is one of the emerging New York designers (Telfar is another) who put sustainability and community ahead of fast growth.

Americans may be finally dominating fashion

For the first time in fashion history, Americans are dictating the trends: Virgil, Rihanna, Kanye, Todd Snyder, Teddy Santis, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner.

Sure, before them, there were Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, Halston, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, Stephen…

Ana Andjelic

Strategy Executive. Author of “The Business of Aspiration.” Doctor of Sociology. Forbes’ one of The World’s Most Influential CMOs.

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