Everyone wants transformation, no one wants to change

In Episode 9 of the Business of Aspiration, I spoke with Mohamed Massaqoui. Massaqoui is a former NFL player and a founder of management consultancy Vessol, which “helps organizations use human change to become the best version of themselves.” Based on his own experience of unexpected and sudden change (he had fingers on his left hand amputated) , Massaqoui works with companies seeking lasting change. “Change is a great gift. Mindset, team culture and essential capabilities must improve an before an inflection point to take advantage of change. Vessol is a strategic partner to help organizations, executives, and teams prepare to thrive in these areas” — from Vessol site. Mohamed and I talked about why humans are wired to resist the unexpected, about identity and diversity, how to overcome our Neanderthal brains in responding to the world, and about how organizations often unknowingly suppress diversity by putting wrong people in wrong roles. Watch below.

Strategy Executive. Author of “The Business of Aspiration.” Doctor of Sociology. Forbes’ one of The World’s Most Influential CMOs.

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