Holistic brand management is the new marketing

Breaking down the silos

Ana Andjelic
1 min readJan 7, 2024

Ferragamo recently reported first half sales decline

To save money, companies often pause, de-fund, or reduce in scope their marketing activities. When the cash is tight, a company’s marketing budget is usually the first to go. It’s pure economics: If consumers are not spending money on products and services, there is little point to invest in marketing them.

It’s also wrong.

If there was ever a time when a company needs marketing, it is when the sales are low.

How much a brand invests in maintaining the relationship with its customers defines its long-term success. But this approach requires a strategic shift in how a brand thinks about its marketing actions: from creating demand for their products and services, to keeping the relationship with their customers. Otherwise, marketers are in danger of losing the connection with their customers.

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