Joachim Bessing speaks with Wolfgang Ullrich and Lars Vollmer on how society’s idea of a creative ethos has transformed within the digital revolution

“The contemporary economy demands CREATIVITY from all of its citizens. But as art and entrepreneurship continue to coagulate into a single industry, it has become increasingly unclear what creativity is. The figure of the manager used to be the antithesis to that of the artist. Where managers we’re thought of as champions of efficient delegation, the artist was expected to be unpredictable, bohemian, and divinely inspired. It now seems that success in the convergence age requires a counterintuitive role play between both positions. As artists struggle to meet demands resembling those placed on global companies, said companies are confronted with the pitfalls of their archaic organizational models. The answer to this crisis is much more complicated than studios that look like factories and offices that resemble garages.” From 032c.

Strategy Executive. Author of “The Business of Aspiration.” Doctor of Sociology. Forbes’ one of The World’s Most Influential CMOs.

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