The teardown guide

Six key areas for understanding market dynamics

Ana Andjelic
2 min readDec 3, 2023

Applicable to any industry, from fashion to hospitality to automotive and spirits and media, the teardown guide informs unique market environments in which your company operates in. The objective of the teardown guide is to ensure that you develop a corporate brand platform and core creative idea that is both relevant and compelling globally.

The teardown guide is broken down into six key areas to best allow you to understand market dynamics and clarify your business and the brand.

The Business: Objectives and Existing Market Positioning

The Brand: Equity and Messaging

The Customer: Perceptions and Relationships

The rest of this analysis, including customer, competition, market trends and media deep dives, are for paying subscribers. Please select one of the paid subscription options below to access it.

The Competition: Strengths and Weaknesses

Market Trends


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Ana Andjelic

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