“Unseen, Unknown” is the title of Jasmine Bina’s new podcast. It may as well serve as a description of the complexity of the world around us. In the past decade or so, we went from managing known knowns and known unknowns, to dealing with unknown unknowns. In this situation, the approaches and frameworks that worked well in the past do now work well anymore in the present. Past successes cease to be predictors of the future ones. What we know is no longer applicable.

What does this shifting terrain mean for brand strategy? How does one build a brand where consumers’ sense of belonging has become a core competitive advantage? How does one manage technology in the world where having a brand community is a killer app? How to distinguish between a brand and a cause? How to not only put forward a set of values, but also deliver them consistently and repeatedly? Do people buy stories when they buy products, and what does that mean for the way the brand positions and markets itself? How to move beyond using content to tout brand benefits and turn it into an exciting and relevant link between the brand and the culture?

These are some of the questions that Jasmine is tackling in her conversations with her guests who come from a range of professions and industries. Part a brand strategy manual, part an insights session, part a thinking playbook, “Unseen, Unknown” works equally well as an educational tool for those coming in the profession of brand strategy and an inspiration for those who have been working in the field for a long time to stay on their toes and keep learning.

In the world where the only sure thing is that the pace of change so far is nothing compared to the pace of change that is yet to come, we have to learn how to be comfortable with things unseen and unknown. We need to start to actively seek them. We need to start to think what kind of skillsets and ways of thinking we want to see in ourselves and our employees, how to successfully pitch our ideas to our clients, and how to successfully implement them.

A welcome addition to the conversation about what consumers value, and what and how they spend money on, and how to adapt brands to it, “Unseen Unknown” is smart, fresh, curious, and generous. Listen and subscribe here today.

Strategy Executive. Author of “The Business of Aspiration.” Doctor of Sociology. Forbes’ one of The World’s Most Influential CMOs.

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